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  “Your praise for the book and your enthusiasm in our coaching has really spurred me on to make it a success. You have not only provided me with great support, but more importantly given me the benefit of your commercial expertise. Knowing how you have made a company a success has inspired me to do the same.”

David Jenner
Author & Business Owner

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Public Speaking

Speaker Biography – Alastair Morrison

What makes a great motivational speaker? Enthusiasm and empathy with the audience, certainly, but most importantly the ability to inspire the audience to take real action.

As part of my work as a business coach, I enjoy sharing my experience, insights and expertise by speaking at seminars, workshops and events. My jargon free, easy to understand approach, combined with a keen sense of humour, transfers enthusiasm to audiences and motivates them to action.

Before becoming a coach, my experience of running my own company gave me a thorough appreciation of the real practical issues that business leaders face, including motivating individuals and teams, managing priorities and making tough decisions, as well as overcoming major challenges and setbacks.

My speaking topics include:-

  • Strong START – to your Day, Week, Month and Year
    Think and act like a winner from the moment you wake up.
  • Goals - Forget SMART - Think EXCITING!
    Break out of your comfort zone and take action.
  • Marketing for Success
    Discover who are your ideal clients/customers and what are the winning strategies for your business.
  • Selling for Success
    Learn the key steps and strategies for transferring real emotion and enthusiasm to others.
  • Keeping Profitable Clients (and sending the others to your competitors)
    Find out what your clients/customers want and give it to them, accelerate trust and perfect the “client journey”.
  • Forget Networking - Start Connecting
    How to cultivate profitable relationships in today’s attention deficit society.

I am happy to tailor programmes to meet specific audience needs and can give 15 minute to 2 hour presentations, or run longer workshops.

Recent speaking engagements include: Personal Finance Society, Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development, Chartered Institute of Management Accountants, Ecademy, Business Link and the Chamber of Commerce.

For more details, please contact:


Telephone: 0845 658 0940

elephone 0845 658 0940
Public Speaking