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  “In summary, I got tremendous value from working with Alastair in a short period of time. His style of coaching was very easy to work with and his insights were a great help. I can thoroughly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a coach to take their business or themselves to the next level.”

Gary Howard
Managing Director
Monitor Services Ltd.


> Focusing on your key priorities

> Seeing things from new and exciting perspectives

> Making better decisions

Imagine doing all these things consistently on a regular weekly basis, throughout the year, with someone committed to helping you achieve your very best. Now where would you and your business be?

“A breakthrough moment was realising that my vision of a perfect company would be more satisfying than achieving my original strategy.” - Darren Bryant, Managing Director

I provide my clients with weekly, one-to-one coaching, to help them focus on the things that make the biggest difference in their business

“Alastair provided me with greater focus and clarity, helping me steer though the complex business negotiations to purchase my business partnership under the most favourable terms.” – Paul Castle, Managing Partner

….offer new insights and perspectives, to help them see the best way ahead

“Alastair has the ability to highlight aspects of your business which would otherwise go unnoticed.” – Steve Crisp, Commercial Artist

….and to make consistently better decisions.

“I read many business development books, but it has only been by spending time working with Alastair on my business that things have actually happened.” – Barbara Saul, Business Owner.

By working on what’s most important to you, coaching helps you take the action required to achieve more and reach your goals faster.

“I have found Alastair’s coaching enables me to be accountable for my actions. I have no “boss” but I use Alastair to hold me accountable for what I committed to myself I would achieve. We are now making more effective strides towards achieving our objectives at all levels” - Michael Doggwiler, Managing Director

To find out more about the coaching programme, call 0845 658 0940 or e-mail to arrange a no obligation, 30 minute consultation call. This call is designed for you to sample the programme and for you to assess whether it’s right for you.

elephone 0845 658 0940